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I approve of the Marlins off-season

The one thing the drove Marlins fans to the point of pulling hair is the bullpen. Most fans would say that if they had a good bullpen, the Marlins could be in the playoffs. Some fans don't understand how hard it is to put together a good bullpen. It's easy to get a good closer, but it's hard to put the rest of the bullpen together successfully. The Marlins found how expendable most of their players were. They added Webb, Dunn, Choate, and Mujica while kissing Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and 1/2 Dan Uggla goodbye. Only time will tell if this bullpen makeover works.

Another thing that I approve of is the transition from a home run addict lineup to a more get on base and score runs type lineup. It took some time to realize that Omar Infante is a better fielder than Dan Uggla and has a better batting average both last year and in 2009.

Catcher John Buck doesn't mess around and getting him was a top notch baseball move. It's been a while since the Marlins have had a big time catcher like John Buck.

The best free agent acquisition this year had to be signing Javiar Vazquez. He sucks in New York but in the NL East, he will once again dominate. Look at what he did for Atlanta in 2009.

Anyone in South Florida excited for Opening Day?


  1. I'm a fan of the Florida Marlins...hope they do well this year! I got a few tickets from Total Tickets to the games this year. If anyone is interested here is the link... Great seats! :)