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Thanks Again Marlins

Thank you again for getting rid of my favorite player on the team. I wasn't going to hold this regime to the mistakes of the past but now they are on the same level. Talk all you want about how the Marlins made $29 Mil last year and are only making 4 or 5 this year but I didn't know that this was simply a profit driven market. Call me naive or what you will but I genuinely thought that the millionaires and billionaires who bought sports franchises were actually doing so because they wanted to win at something they wished they were good at, not make more money to add to their already enormous stockpile of cash. Maybe if Loria wasn't as stupid as most fans, remember how great he thought this team was at the beginning of this year, he might have realized that this team as it stood before the season started is no where near being a contending team, let alone even making the playoffs and moves needed to be made.

Hey Loria, people are not saving their money now to spend on the Marlins once they get a new stadium. No, on the contrary, they are not going simply because you suck as a owner. When running any business. profits need to be a consideration, but when running a sports franchise and that is all you care about then you will not have the foresight to make the right moves to make a team better and subsequently your profits will dip. And here's a hint for you if you had forgotten, people don't pay to see crap. Not counting "Shutter Island", "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and the Yankees.

When people are mad they do things out of spite. For example the more a team losses the less people but their merchandise. Me, I stop showing up but when I do I don't buy anything from your monopolistic style food and beverage vendors. And don't give me any of that, "we don't control the vendor's prices". B.S. When you open the new ballpark you will do the same thing if not charge more.

$1.1 million, that's all we saved for getting rid of Cody Ross. I'm ashamed to be a fan of this team, it's not like we dumped a $15 million dollar contract, only $1 million one. I would like to apologize to Larry Beinfest and David Sampson, who have done amazing jobs over the years and in my opinion are two of the best baseball executives out there, even with the restrictions that have been put on them. I am sorry that you are having to toil away here under Jeffrey Loria's reign and that also goes to all the other great people wasting away in this franchise.

Steve Cochran II

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