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Ease up on Freddy Gonzalez

Can we please not criticize Freddy Gonzalez too much this year guys? I know everybody thinks that they could have done a better job or would’ve done a few things different, but guess what we can’t. Yeah, I included myself in that. I am always second guessing what is done, because I can. But what I won’t do though is criticize a GREAT manager.

I am not sure if South Florida fan knows this but I have an inside into Atl baseball fans mind and I’ll share with you exactly what they are thinking. You wanna know? Do yah? Guess What? They are salivating at the mouth for a chance at landing Freddy as the next manager to replace Bobby Cox. Freddy is of the Bobby Cox managing tree and would’ve already had the job in the Atl if it were not for the Joe Paterno of baseball managers.

What I hear from both sides of the fan spectrum is almost exactly the same. I attended a funeral back in Georgia and while listening to my relatives speak about their ball club at the reception I could’ve sworn I was driving around Ft. Liquerdale listening to our fans bash the manager on sports radio. To think, they act and talk as if Bobby is the reason they haven’t won more World Series titles. Shame on you Atl fan, the man is a hall of famer.

We have an excuse for complaining, does the term fire sale mean anything to you? We’ll be using that excuse any time we are questioned in loyalty. At least until we get our brand new 515 million dollar ballpark. Any word on the bidets yet?

While I’m on the topic of ballparks; would it be too much to ask for great food for a decent price? Seriously, I’m not just some idiot who doesn’t understand the finances. When it comes to food and the service industries just ask me and I’ll probably know the answer. Check it. Those 8 dollar Souvenir sodas are the worst. Total the soda in the cup maybe cost the stadium 15 cents. And the cup itself can’t be more than 60 cents. So if the total is absolutely no more than a dollar in cost how are they justifying an 800% increase? Whatever, I just want good food. Please make the food network wanna do a special on us. Then we’ll forget about the high prices and just enjoy ourselves.

All I am saying is that we complain way too much down here. Why must we constantly rip on everybody? Every single thing can’t be scrutinized so closely. Mistakes are going to happen no matter who is in charge of the team. Ease up off of Freddy before he’s gone and we start a new coach carousel.

Steve Cochran II

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