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Wading in Distraction

"We're putting in a pool!" exclaimed a bumbling Clark W. Griswold in the holiday fixture "Christmas Vacation". I wonder if Marlins president David Samson took any other cues from Chevy Chase's character in planning the new stadium in Miami- perhaps an exorbitant amount of twinkling Christmas lights?

In case you haven't heard, the Marlins new stadium is to include, among other pointless distractions, a swimming pool; not unlike the one so ridiculously placed beyond the right-field fence at Chase Field in Arizona, thus shaming the jacuzzi currently gracing Landshark Stadium (formerly Dolphins Stadium).

"The pool is going to be much bigger than our current hot tub," Samson said. "We think it's going to be the size of a pretty nice pool. I'd say Arizona is a good comparison." (quote from Joe Frisaro,

Well that's a relief. How do you expect a fan to enjoy a baseball game from a tiny hot tub?

Here's an idea- instead of trying to find creative and expensive ways to distract your fans, why not focus your efforts on building and maintaining a decent product on the field. It's a proven fact that fans love a winner, and have brought their money and attention to the ballpark when the Marlins have competed at high levels. How many times have Fish fans had to watch their favorite players move on to big -market teams because management claimed insufficient funds?

I understand that people have changed, and that their attention spans have narrowed considerably in recent years, making a 3-4 hour baseball game seem like an eternity. Is it so bad, though, that we need to float around in a public pool to enjoy it?

I guess I have more faith in the Marlins fans than management seems to. In my eyes, people will relate to continuity- having the same core players on the roster every year. When the team takes on the appearance of a revolving door, or a spring board for players to the Mets, Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox, the fans tend to lose interest. When that happens, no 20 person maximum occupancy swimming pool decorated with "25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights" will bring them back. --Joel Galloway

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