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Sanchez to the DL. Is it Pedro Time?

The Marlins' pitching staff took a hit Friday, as the club placed RHP Anibal Sanchez on the 15 day disabled list. Sanchez will not throw a baseball for 3-4 weeks, according to Manager Fredi Gonzalez.

Get out your checkbook, Mr. Loria. I'll help you: in the section labeled "Pay to the Order of," write the name "Pedro Martinez". I think $5 million should cover it.

This is a no-brainer. In this year's World Baseball Classic, Martinez proved to everyone that he can still get Major League hitters out. Pitching for the Dominican Republic, Pedro allowed only 2 base runners in 6 IP while striking out 6. Unfortunately, his team was embarrassed by the surprise Netherlands squad, depriving Martinez of the chance to further impress Major League scouts. However, his performance left no doubt in my mind that the man still has "it".

Some will say that $5 million is a hefty price tag to a small market team for an aging veteran. True, but considering the massive Latin-American population of Miami and surrounding areas, the signing of a Dominican baseball icon could be an effective marketing tool for a team that needs the exposure (see Manny Ramirez to Los Angeles). The star power that Pedro brings would have a huge upside for a team full of no-name rookies and marginal veterans.

Sure, Martinez' stamina has been an issue as he has aged, and the Florida summer is not exactly the most revitalizing of climates. But consider this: when Sanchez returns to the rotation, Pedro can be used in a set-up role, or middle-relief with the occasional spot start. It's not like the current Marlins' relievers are doing any better than Martinez can. Through May 9th, Florida's bullpen had blown 4 of 10 save opportunities, while managing to post the 2nd best bullpen ERA in the National League. This shows that there's talent present, but a lack of big game experience- something Pedro has more of than perhaps anybody in the majors. Martinez would bring his veteran know-how and poise to the mix, giving the younger guys much needed leadership.

So, what's it going to be? Will the Marlins' front office step up to the plate and bring on the first-ballot Hall of Famer, or will they leave the checkbook in the desk drawer and bring up another Triple-A nobody to get knocked around the yard? --Joel Galloway


  1. Yummy article, writer. My name is Jean-Paul and I am the biggest Pedro Martinez fan in the entire world! I used to go to all of his games when he played in Montreal so many years ago. I've been dying to see him get back in the game because he is a fantastic baseball player. Over the years I have bought over 200 articles of his game worn clothing and I also have a few strands of his hair and thousands of pictures that I took of him in places like restaurants and hotels. He is amazing and I look forward to seeing him play again!

    Meilleurs voeux,


  2. Mr. Galloway,

    What a well written off the hip perspective of the state of the Marlins. It would be great to see Pedro, I might even buy season tickets again. If the Marlins front office would only hire a guy like you we might have a baseball team again. We can only hope!!! I look forward to reading more of your comments it's refreshing to have an open, fresh, new baseball mind to read keep up the good work.